Monday’s Back At The Ranch: Website Wobblies

Not that anyone already reading this blog often needs to look at our website – usually, it’s website readers who learn of the blog, thus the flow proceeds in that direction – but today’s post is mostly to state that our venerable site, looking for the most part as it has for about ten years, is in the shop for a complete frame-off rebuild.


As posted last week.


NEW, however, is that the extant site is, momentarily, gone from view. It will be back! With any luck, that will be before you’re even reading this post. Thus, long before the new site is active, the old site will act as seat-warmer.

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5 Responses to Monday’s Back At The Ranch: Website Wobblies

  1. Aidie says:

    As if Tuesday morning in Alaska, our server DOES have the website back up; our domain host let us know it takes approximately 24 hours for it to propagate throughout the wwweb, so if by chance you still cannot see it now, it will likely be visible the next use you try to pull it up.
    It was a nail-biting half day for us, though!

  2. alaskaranger says:

    That last comment was, of course, from yours truly, AUDIE, and it was supposed to read “As OF Tuesday…”. An iPhone missive, written in the pre-dawn, without the benefit of caffeine….never a good idea.

  3. Joy says:

    I will look forward to purusing your new web site!

  4. alaskaranger says:

    I can report the creator of the new website was in a FAR better mood as of yesterday afternoon (meaning: I received no new thrashings), as she was able to overcome a CSS hurdle that had thwarted her for some time.
    All of you should be grateful it is not I who is attempting the re-write…..

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