Non est vivere sed valere vita est


Small feathers are aflight! Visitors from exotic lands are singing their hearts out in celebration of breeding on tussocks of tundra! And mosquitos are out in force, ready to feed all our newly-arrived and newly-hatched winged friends! Yes, it’s birding season once again on the Denali Highway. A favorite time of year (but then, what is not?) Binoculars are permanently attached to the chests of many of our guests these weeks, with hopes that that particular rustle in the bushes, that plaintive soprano three-note ballad is THE bird that they have traveled thousands, sometimes many thousands, of miles to see. The Denali Highway is one of the premier birding destinations in North America during the breeding season, and while many accomplished, experienced, and sometimes, admittedly,  slightly obsessive birding enthusiasts do descend on our land, the novice can also feel comfortable spotting new avian amigos, both large and small. There is something unique, something magical, something storybook-esque I feel when watching our human visitors, from far away, trouncing down our Alaskan trails, searching assiduously for other visitors, from far away. Both are temporary, passing strangers-in-the-night in the perpetual sunlight of June.

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