Welcome to summer!


Here’s our beautiful Gulkana River with a newly found lovey rock. We are rockhounds here in Paxson; one of our favorite activities is to walk up and down the riverbank discovering uniquely shaped rocks, like this heart, or beautiful rocks with stunning white lines, criss-crosses, etc. On almost every dog walk, I come home with a pocket containing at least one new rock to add to our collection. River rocks line our balconies, dress up our windowsills, and get added to flower vases. I’m planning a giant outdoor mosaic work with some. Well, this picture says it all: We LOVE our home in Paxson and on the Denali Highway; and we hope you will love it too! Welcome to another beautiful Alaska summer!

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One Response to Welcome to summer!

  1. Fernando Poza Saura says:

    Hey, Jenny and Audbon,
    I’m so glad to receive an e-mail from you. It ‘s been two summers since we spend a night with you two. I didn’t remember giving our e-mail address, but I’m happy with that. It has been so refreshing to receive an e-mail from Alaska, here in a regular sunday in a big city in Europe (Madrid). It has brought to me very good memories.
    I look forward going back to Alaska some day. And hopefully not for a couple of weeks.
    Best regards, and protect your home!
    Eva and Fernando

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